About Us

AMOFOI stands for Anti-Caste Marriage and One-Child Family Organization of India. AMOFOI works to break caste system and religious dogmas by organizing exogamous marriages. It is for removing all forms of exploitations and discriminations based on superstitions, fundamentalism, and social prejudices. It is for dropping of caste-indicating surnames and all other caste-based symbols like so-called sacred thread (Paita). It has been campaigning for green environment, disarmament, world government and world peace.

Our History

  • Over 40 years of excellent service
  • One family One Child One Family One house
  • One World One Government
  • Son or Daughter, One is Better
  • We two Our One till ends Century – 21
  • Marriage does not require parental permission
  • Don’t worry elope and marry

The Team

B.Ramchandra CST Voltaire

Founder Secretary

John Omprakash


Swapna Bijayini


Roji Anupama

Joint Secretary