Our View


The Logo has Six Elements:

  1. The man standing with a broken rifle against the globe speaks of Total Universal Disarmament. The man instead of making war declares that he is ready for peace and harmony. He is not going to join the Armed Forces. For world peace we need a world free of wars and to prevent further world wars we need world Government.
  2. The triangle speaks of One-child Family: One father, one mother, one child. This is necessary to bring down the world population to the optimum level of 100 crore. This is principally the job of the woman. Human Cloning (Human child be asexual way) has abundantly shown it. She will conceive and deliver once in her life. One-child Family norm will definitely solve 90% of world’s major problems.
  3. The flame in the logo standing on a lamp -stand (rukha) symbolises bright further of mankind and this is going to be a reality because of Disarmament and One-child Family.
  4. The lamp-stand is designed in such a way as to convey one more meaning. It represents Monogamy, Liberal Feminism, Gender Equality, Empowerment of Women.
  5. The circle or the round shape in the logo stands for global outlook and humanism without borders, marriage without borders. The radii in a circle are of equal length from the centre to the periphery. This projects Social Equality (all human beings are equal), Political  Equality, Equal Pay for Equal Work.
  6. The AMOFOI logo is generally depicted in green colour. Because AMOFOI movement is a Green movement. It is for Green Peace. With Disarmament and with One-child Family, the world is bound to abound with frees and trees, forests and forests replacing factories and factories that have been producing Arms and Ammunition and thereby polluting the air, water, each and also the socio-political life with the Bofors money / Lockheed dollars thrown therein.